Audray Julien

Audray Julien is attracted to a multidisciplinary practice of the arts very quickly. The study of violin, literature and movement of the body through artistic gymnastics and dance are very early on as indispensable for personal and artistic growth. Sensing her passion for dance, she completed the pre-university dance program at the Cégep de Drummondville in 2012 and the Montreal School of Contemporary Dance in 2015.

It is within this establishment that she will have the chance to approach the work of many choreographers from the professional world of contemporary dance such as Mélanie Demers, O Vertigo, Lina Cruz, the French collective (LA) Horde, Frédérick Gravel Estelle Clareton and Caroline Laurin-Beaucage. She is a sensitive interpreter and the paths of authenticity and passion are the ones she prefers to borrow, without confining herself to it. Since graduation she has worked with Parts + Labor_danse and the collective Castel_Blast, among others. She wants to invest in projects from which a poetic and physical power emerges, powerful and inspiring projects.

© Photos by Miranda Chan

Height: 5,2
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Canadian

Dance Styles:  Classical Ballet, Ballet Jazz, Contemporary, Country, Hip-Hop, Modern, Salsa

Specialties: Contemporary, Classical Ballet

Other:  Violin, Literature


Outdoor space at Place des Arts / Atwater Market
September 2018
Festival Quartiers Danses 2018 – 16e édition, HALVES, Parts+Labour_danse (commande)

Maisonneuve House of Culture
July 2018
ZH Festival 10e édition, HALVES, Parts+Labour_danse (commande)

Aux Écuries Theater
June 2018
“Nos Corps”, Presentation of the work completed in the first phase of residency in the theater, choreography by Castel_Blast

MAI – montréal arts interculturels
September 2017
Performance au SOUK-CITÉ 2, chorégraphiée par Castel_Blast organisée par Danse-Cité.

Espace George-Émile Lapalme / Place Des Arts de Montréal
April 2017
HALVES, Parts+Labour_danse (commande)

Dance Matters – Into the fire edition Avril 2017
HALVES, Parts+Labour_danse (commande)

MAI – montréal arts interculturels
April 2017
Performance That Choreographs Us, Benoît Lachambre

Monument National
October 2016
Movement In Serra 3rd Movement, Collectif Ephfem

Théâtre Espace Libre
August/september 2016
MA(G)MA, Collectif Castel_Blast

Festival Bouge D’Ici – Espaces communs
January 2016
Movement In Serra – 2nd movement, Lorraine Albert

Zone HoMa – Église St-Denis, rue Laurier
August 2015
Ma(G)ma, Collectif Castel_Blast

MPAA Paris/St-Germain (Ville de Paris, France)
May 2015
Avant les gens mouraient, Collectif (LA) Horde

Maison de la Culture Frontenac as part of the training of the Montreal Contemporary Dance School
May 2015
Lumières et tremblements, Estelle Clareton
2e avenue, Caroline Laurin-Beaucage et Martin Messier

Théâtre Rouge of the Conservatoire de musique de Montréal as part of the formation of the Montreal School of Contemporary Dance
Avant les gens mouraient, Collectif (LA) Horde
Trois essais sur la musique dont deux réussis, Frédérick Gravel
Rockin’, Lina Cruz
24 902 thoughts and miles away, Darryl Tracy
Enterlast, reprise du solo de Bernard Martin dans la production originale Enterlast, José Navas.

Where angels get their wings, Massimo Agostinelli
Shockwave, repertoire of the company O Vertigo transmitted by Annie Gagnon, Marianne Girard-Gignac and James Phillips.
Mayday Remix, repertoire taken from Melanie Demers’ Junkyard / Paradis and Goodbye pieces and transmitted by Brianna Lombardo.

– Interpreter in research and creation exploration for untitled proposal with Catherine Lalonde (December 2018)

– Interpreter in research and creation: “Innervision” by Martin Messier / Compagnie14 Lieux (August 2018, February 2019)

– Interpreter in research and creation: “Our bodies” of the collective Castel_Blast (June / November 2018, March / April 2019)

– Interpreter for M for movement – Clowns by Mélanie Maillé. (September 2017)

– Performer for the Dark and Beautiful Twisted Fantasy / A show on Kanye West, Zoofest Festival. Directed by Colin Boudrias-Fournier, Eric Curadeau and Stefania Skoryna (2017).

– Interpreter for “ASPIRATIONS” short film directed by Sophie B.Jacques, Stéphane Moukarzel and Francis Papillon for the Association of Schools of Art Superior of Montreal. (2017)

– Interpreter and choreographer for the video “I love you / I do not love you” by Lisa Leblanc directed by the DAVAI production company. (2017)

– Performer and choreographer for Simon Kingsbury’s “Comme douze” video (2016)

– Performer in Black Humor: Genocide, AIDS and other Confectionery, Zoofest Festival. Directed by Colin Boudrias-Fournier and Stefania Skoryna (2016)

– FTA 2016 Total Space Party, taken from an excerpt from the play Before People Dying from the Collective (LA) Horde. (2016)

– Performer for “You’re sad?”, Choreographed by Stefania Skoryna, Claude Champagne Room at the University of Montreal – Composer for Dance Seminar (2016)

– Interpreter for the event Le Bal du Musée, choreography by Léna Demnati, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts (2015)

– Interpreter for 2, rue Cloutier of Carmagnoles Productions, Phenomena Festival, Van Horne Viaduct (2015)

– Interpreter at Cabaret Gravel, with the resumption of excerpts from Three Essays on Music including two successful, Usine C (2015)

January/February 2017
Creation of a choreographic scene for the film WOLFE by Francis Bordeleau, Melancholia Films, film productions ” 9347-8378 ” Québec Inc.

2010 to today
Teacher at École Des Axées Danse for classical dance and contemporary dance classes for all age groups. More than 40 choreographies presented on stage and in competition.

August 2015
Joint creation with Stefania Skoryna of the “Orchestra” piece for the “We are Summer” creation laboratory. Presentation at Concordia University.