Brittney Canda

Brittney Canda is a professional contemporary dancer, choreographer, and teacher currently living and working in Montréal. She was classically trained at a highly competitive dance school in Calgary in her youth, and earned a BFA in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University in Montreal as a young adult. Brittney is currently a company member of Kyra Jean Green’s, “Trip the Light Fantastic”, and tours with dark-pop musical act, Sheenah Ko. She has choreographed and starred in several music videos including The Barr Brothers, “You Would Have to Loose Your Mind” and Tambour’s “Silhouettes”. Brittney has performed and presented video work in Festivals: Articien, Bouge D’ici, Cinedanse, Festival Quartier Danse, Montréal Fringe Festival, Festival du Nouveau Cinema, Pop Montreal, Sabstock, Shigawake Music Festival, and Sled Island Calgary.

Height: 5,7
Hair: Bruwns
Eyes: Green

Dance styles: Classical Ballet, Ballet Jazz, Tap Dance, Contemporary, Modern
Specialties: Contemporary, Ballet Jazz
Others: Singing, Dance Teaching




The Barr Brothers “You Would Have to Loose Your Mind” Music Video (Dancer, Choreographer, Co-editor

Diamondstien “Antique Stores” Music Video (Dancer)

San James “One-Hundred Faces” Music Video (Choreographer, Movement Coach)

Tambour “Silhouettes” Music Video (Dancer, Choreographer, Co-writer)


Heidi “Arctic Bridge” Music Video (Dancer)

“Listen” Short Film Directed by Vincent Rene-Lortie With Telescope Films (Dancer, Choreographer)

“La Voliére” Short Film Directed by Vincent Rene-Loertie, Choreographed by Saxon Fraser (Dancer)


Calum Graham “Hedges” Video (Dancer, Choreographer)

Calum Graham “Farewell” Video (Dancer, Choreographer)


“The Guise”, Short Film by Nigil Mikz (Dancer, Choreographer)


Sheenah Ko “Free” Album Launch (Dancer, Choreographer) Case Del Popolo, Montreal QC


Sheenah Ko opening for Ex Eye (Dancer, Choreographer) Le Cercle, Quebec QC, Centré Phi, Montreal QC

“What About Us” FIG World Gymnastics Competition Opening Number Choreographed by Lynsey Billing

(Dancer), Olympic Stadium, Montreal QC

Sheenah Ko at Pop Montreal (Dancer, Choreographer) Mademoiselle, Montreal, QC

Sheenah Ko at Shigawake Music Festival (Dancer, Choreographer) Shigawake, QC

Sheenah Ko at Sled Island Music Festival (Dancer, Choreographer), The Palomino Calgary, AB

Thor and Friends at Sled Island Music Festival (Dancer, Choreographer), The National Music Centre,
Calgary, AB
“The Man Who Traveled Nowhere In Time” with Company Trip The Light Fantastic choreographed by

Kyra Jean Green, Festival Quartiér Dance (Dancer) Place Des Arts, Montreal, QC

Sheenah Ko at the Montreal Fringe Festival (Dancer, Choreographer) Fringe Park, Montreal QC

“Die Young” with Femme Fatal (Dancer, Choreographer) Snack n’Blues, Montreal, QC

“enough” (Dancer, Choreographer) DB Clarke Theatre, Montreal, QC

“Euthymia” Performed by Bettina Szabo (Choreographer) FOFA Gallery, Montreal QC

“The Purpose of Existence in the Summer of 2010” Choreographed by Zoe Vo (Dancer) FOFA Gallery,

Montreal QC
“Making A Monster” 60X60 (Dancer, Choreographer) DB Clark Theatre, Montreal QC

“Yellow Belly” Bouge D’ici Cabaret (Dancer, Choreographer) Mainline Theatre, Montreal QC


“Trapped” Choreographed by Veronique D’Abate, Articien Choreographer’s Showcase (Dancer) Club Soda, Montreal QC

“Spirit” Performed with Wintersleep, (Dancer, Choreographer) Theatre Fairmont, Montreal QC

“Spirit” Performed with Wintersleep, (Dancer, Choreographer) Rough Trade, Brooklyn NY

“Dans La Lune” Festival Bouge D’ici (Dancer, Choreographer) Mainline Theatre, Montreal QC

“Hedges” Calum Graham Concert, Montreal En Lumiere (dancer,choreographer) L’astral, Montreal QC

“Lets Dance” Festival Bouge D’Ici and Wildside Festival, (Dancer) Centaur Theatre, Montreal QC


“Lyrical Solo for a Quarter Life Crisis” Bouge D’ici Mash Up, (Dancer, Choreographer) Mainline Gallery,Montreal QC

“CanCan” Bell Corporate Event, Le Fish Mongers (Dancer) Marriott Theatre, Montreal QC

Mainline Theatre’s Rocky Horror Picture Show, (Dancer, Singer) Mainline Theatre, Montreal QC

“Objects Objects” Mainline Horror Show (Dancer, Choreographer) Mainline Theatre, Montreal QC


“Better” Jon Davis Music Video Release Concert (Dancer, Choreographer) La Sala Rossa, MontrealQC

“Anybody Home?” Calum Graham concert (Dancer, Choreographer) Ironwood Theatre, Calgary AB

MegaBlocks Corporate event choreographed by Robin Henderson (Dancer) Theatre St James, Montreal QC

“Seduce all Humans” Sausome Productions, Montreal Fringe Festival (Dancer, Choreographer, Singer)
Cabaret du Mile End, Montreal QC


“Forked Up” Nuit Blanche and Bouge D’ici (Dancer, Choreographer) Mainline Theatre, Montreal QQ


“Montreal Might Eat it’s Young” Festival Bouge D’Ici (Choreographer) Mainline Theatre, Montreal QC