Jeimy Oviedo

Jeimy Oviedo has followed a very complete and varied training course. She began her academic training at the Superior School of Ballet of Quebec, then she continued her college studies in contemporary dance at LADMMI. Her interest in contemporary dance will then push her to a Bachelor’s degree in Dance, Profile Interpretation, at UQAM, which will allow her to perfect herself, but also to develop more theoretical knowledge as well as a deep reflection on her artistic practice. . Today, Jeimy is continuing her development and artistic research by following workshops in urban dance, as well as contemporary African dance classes.

More recently, she collaborates with Arianne Dessaulles in a group creation supported by the OFFTA in 2016, then by the Mont-Royal culture house. This project also continues for the year 2017 wishing to bring it into show.

Size: 1m77
Brown hair
Brown eyes
UDA: Permissionary

Dance styles: Classical Ballet, Contemporary, Merengue, Salsa, Tango, Colombian Folklore, African
Specialties: Contemporary, Colombian Folklore
Other: Rehearsal, Massage Therapist


Show at Arsenal: “Utopia (s)”, director Hanna Abd El Nour.

Zone Homa Show: “Topo” Dance Performer, Director Hanna Abd El Nour, Arsenal, 2020 William Street, Mtl. Performative Theater, February 13-March 7, 2018

Zone Homa show: “Topo”, creation of Ariane Dessaulles. Creation of Ariane Dessaulles, Maison de la culture Maisonneuve, Mtl.
OFFTA presentation: “Topography”, creation of Arianne Dessaulles

OFFTA presentation: “Topography”, dance performer Created by Arianne Dessaulles, Mont-Royal Culture House, Mtl. Creative residency as part of the OFFTA (Off Festival TransAmérique) June 1, 2016

Show Passerelle 840: “Overlapping” Performer in dance and choreographer

Tour: “Mozongi” Performer in Dance, repertoire of Zab Maboungou Company Nyata Nyata, Tour in Congo, Brazzaville, 9-16 October

Zone Homa show: “Conventum”, dance performer Creation of Ariane Dessaulles, Maison de la culture Maisonneuve, Mtl. Presented as part of Zone Homa, July 29

Free choreographic performance: “English will follow” Performer in dance Creation of Claudine Martineau, Agora of the Dance, Mtl. UQAM

Directed Spectacle: “Deux” Performer in Dance Repertoire by Danièle Desnoyers and Virginie Brunelle Agora of Dance, Mtl, UQAM

Directed show: “Guide to practical activities to be done between people of good society” Performer in dance Creation of Frédérick Gravel, Agora of the Dance, Mtl. UQAM, 2012
Eugene and the Horse, Choreography in collaboration with Ariane Dessaulles and dancer.

Mannequin for Langonzon Design