Elisabeth Desbiens, Founder & Agent

Having produced and directed several dance films that have traveled all over the world, Elisabeth Desbiens has a network of dance and cinema of international stature. She quickly positioned herself in the Quebec Dance scene and acted as a consultant for productions wishing to work with dancers.

At the same time, her many years of experience in coordinating advertising, television and corporate projects have allowed her to understand the issues at stake and to know his main actors.

She founded the Move agency to respond to a pressing demand in the advertising environment of the city and position in just a few months the brand as a reference of dance in Montreal.

In 2019, she is invited with the biggest dance agencies in the world to go to Brussels in Belgium for the CAST ME event, the biggest European audition for dancers. She is expected to join the Board of Directors of the new Montreal International Dance Festival under the artistic direction of emeritus choreographer Steve Bolton.

With MOVE, Elisabeth wants to allow the meeting between the artisans of the movement, the screen and the general public.