Abdel Madini

Abdel-Hanine “Abnormal” Madini is a dancer and a Montreal teacher specialized in Popping, a dance with illusory character. With his charismatic approach where he mixes the robot and the mime with a comic touch, Abdel-Hanine has influenced the national dance scene and is also internationally renowned. His talent and skills have enabled him to win numerous local competitions such as LA PROUVE and FESTIVAL UNDER PRESSURE. In particular, he has won renowned competitions outside of Montreal such as Parks-N-Wrecks in Toronto and outside the country at the Rochester Fringe Festival in New York. He has worked on numerous occasions with Cirque du Soleil, the Montreal International Jazz Festival and Les FrancoFolies de Montréal. Today, he continues to push his art through his mentorship, his refinement and his philosophy that no matter what one always achieves remains a student of life.

Size: 5.8
Brown hair
Brown eyes
UDA: N./A.

Dance Styles: Popping Specialist, Robot / Animation (Illusionary Dance)
Specialty: Popping Specialist

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