Charles Brecard

Originally from the small island of New Caledonia, Charles Brecard began to take an interest in dance at the age of 15, beginning with the so-called “street dance”. Wishing to expand his artistic vocabulary, he juggles several styles: Krump, Bboying, Popping, Locking, Hip-Hop and traditional Kanak dance to finally learn contemporary dance. Self-taught, he worked for two years with several dance companies in the country with whom he trained as a professional performer, learning the reality of the job.

Arrived in Quebec (Canada) in 2013, first to study massage therapy, her passion led her to continue to train at the School of Contemporary Dance of Montreal.
He collaborates with several established and emerging choreographers such as Hélène Blackburn, Parts + Labour_Danse, Alan Lake, Sam Coren, Jason Martin and Marie Chouinard.
He works with the companies Code Universel, DansEncorps and Fates Crusaders in their new creations and continues his apprenticeship with professors of international renown. Recently, he is interested in choreography and will present his first solo “(No) Surrender” in Stuttgart (Germany), created in collaboration with the composer John-Lucas Williamson. His cultural background allows him to have a certain versatility in his approach to dance from both a kinesthetic and reflective point of view.

Size: 5.6 1/2

Dance Styles:  Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Kyump, B-Boiying, Popping, Locking, Ballet, Traditional Kanak Dance, Breakdance

Specialties: Contemporary, urban dances


“Rosemont” – Xavier Rousseau: Dancer, Montreal
“Pythagoras” – Stacey Désilier / Flamant: Dancer, Montreal

“Pop-up # 7” – The Big Slot: Dancer, Montreal
“Common sense” – Karkwa: Dancer, Montreal
Boyfriend Material – SOCALLED: Dancer, Montreal

“Mobilis OPT”: Dancer, Nouméa

“Do not forget your dreams” – Kydam: Protagonist, Nouméa
“Let’s change our look” – Loremx: Dancer, Nouméa

oZe (in creation) – Cie Destin Crusaders – Montreal, Canada
Breathing Through the Nose (in creation) – InEncorps Co. – Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Tensions  (in creation) – Cie Corps Universel, Quebec, Canada
Creatures of the Wild – Sita Ostheimer – DOCK 11, Berlin, Germany – Festival b12
Breath – Jason Martin (EDCM) – Frontenac House of Culture, Montreal
24 preludes of Chopin – Cie Marie Chouinard (EDCM) – Frontenac House of Culture
And if they whistled – Gabriel Bergeron Dubé – Fifth Stage, Montreal – 100Lux Festival
Waltz – Jacques-Poulin Denis (EDCM) – Station Place des Arts, Montreal
Clear-Dark Evening – Montreal Museum of Fine Arts

Broken Land – Parts + Labour_Danse (EDCM) – Red Theater, Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts, Montreal
Sentimental Education – Deborah Dunn (EDCM) – Red Theater
Jellyfish Cry – Alan Lake (Alan Lake Factories) (EDCM) – Red Theater
Danses macabre – Sam Coren (Dim Timbre) (EDCM) – Red Theater
Under the skin at night (Directory) – Daniele Desnoyers (Carré des lombes) (EDCM) – EDCM

Diptych (Directory) – José Navas (FLAK Company) (EDCM) – EDCM
Inukshuk – Angélique Willkie (EDCM) – Red Theater
Dramatic Symphony (Répertoire) – Compagnie Cas Public (EDCM) – Théâtre Rouge
Schema  – Darryl Tracy (EDCM) – Red Theater

When night falls – Richard Digoué (Nyian Company) – Pouebo, New Caledonia
Portraits – Nyian Company – Tjibaou Cultural Center, New Caledonia

Free Movement – Didier Delahaie – Mont-Dore Cultural Center, Nouméa, New Caledonia
Open Air – Julien Lestel – Inauguration of Tontouta Airport, New Caledonia
When night falls – Richard Digoué (Nyian Company): tour in New Caledonia
History of fables – Moëbius Company: Cultural Center of Mont-Dore, Nouméa
Hip-hop showcases  – Hybrid Family – tour to Noumea

Troc-en-legs  – Compagnie Troc en Jambes – tour in New Caledonia – Waan Danse Festival
Well’come –  Compagnie Posuë – tour in New Caledonia – Waan Danse Festival
Dream-  Compagnie Posuë – tour in New Caledonia – Waan Danse Festival
Rù  – Compagnie Posuë – tour in New Caledonia – Waan Danse Festival
Popular – Compagnie Arts’Mêlés – Mont-Dore Cultural Center, Nouméa – Mont-Dore Festival

Battle of the Year 2011 New Caledonia – Urban Breakers Crew, Noumea
Battle of the Year 2011 France – Urban Breakers Crew, Nîmes, France
Hip Hop Story I – Compagnie Posuë – Festival “To exist”, Nouméa
Hip Hop Story II – Compagnie Posuë – Festival “To exist”, Nouméa
Flames – Compagnie Posuë – Pacific Games 2011, Nouméa

Hip-Hop Story I  – Compagnie Posuë – Art’peritifs, Arts Center, Nouméa
Hip Hop Story II  – Compagnie Posuë – Art’peritifs, Arts Center