Ève-Marie Mathieu

Eve Marie makes her dance debut with jig and folk dance. Subsequently, she trained in various styles such as Hip-Hop, musical comedy, jazz and ballet. After several years with the Party Time competition, she is pursuing a professional training in contemporary dance within the Danse-Interprétation Program, Technical DEC of the Quebec Dance School. Eve-Marie is a curious and passionate artist who stands out for her versatility. She established herself as a dancer by linking together various commercial and contemporary projects. Her professional career has led her to work on several projects such as ComedyHa, L’Oreal Canada, Montreal Casino, Saint-Sauveur Arts Festivals, etc. Influenced by the fusion of contemporary and urban dance, Eve-Marie transmits her love of dance teaching and creating choreographies since 2010 with a dynamic approach that prioritizes the learning of movement through physical involvement, attack and the relaxation of the body.

Size: 5.5

Brown hair

Eyes: Blue, peers

Dance Styles: Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Modern, Classical Ballet

Specialties: Contemporary, Hip-Hop, Jazz Other: Ballroom, lady styling, floor tricks, singing, acting, yoga, model, heels



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