Gabriela Jovian-Mazon

As a child, Gabriela Jovian-Mazon started off with Mexican folklore dance in her home town Mississauga, Ontario and competed in jazz, ballet and musical theatre dance. When she moved to Montréal to study, she discovered urban dance and transitioned towards hip-hop, heels, street jazz and now specializes in waacking. Fascinated by the different dance styles, she trained on her own to pursue a dance career after completing her Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering.

She performed in a Subway commercial, the movie Super Singh and music videos for Blood & Glass, Serena Ryder and Vrak TV. Notably, Gabriela had the main role as a puppeteer in The Nut Job Live, she danced for the musical production Kabaret and was part of the Forêt Noire piece for Festival 100Lux 2019. She regularly performs with the artist Kizaba and at events like Articien, Francos de Montréal and Montréal Pride; her art also brings her to occasionally perform in Toronto.

Currently, if she is not performing on screen or on stage, Gabriela is discovering the world of creation and is a member of Asymmetry Creations directed by Axelle Munezero. She participates in dance battles, trains her freestyle and is always striving to improve in all aspects of performance. Gabriela is an artist characterised by originality, versatility and theatricality, and she is excited to dance and create more.

Height: 5,4 1/2
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
UDA: Stagiaire
ACTRA: Stagiaire

Spécialities: Contemporary, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Waacking, Music Theatre, Hustle Break, Ballet,  Mexican Folklore, Locking, House, Heels, Street Jazz


“Torment” at Carte Blanche, Wilder Building Danse a la Carte / Axelle Munezero Dancer
“Women in STEM” Exhibit Inauguration in Toronto Canderel/Gruppo Jobel/Francesca Di Franco Dancer
“Global Bollywood” at Rose Theatre Brampton Bageshree Vaze Dancer
“100 Lux : Forêt Noire” at Place des Arts Martine Bruneau & Axelle Munezero Dancer
“Takabouger Spectacle Interactif” Takabouger/Julie Fortier Dancer
“FAMOUS” Live Band Show Hugues Pomerleau/Anne-Rose Cupidon Dancer

“BIG BANG – Présentations publiques” Stéphanie Decourteille Dancer/Chor.
“KABARET” – Théâtre Saint-Sauveur SYNC Productions – Eric Lussier & Jason McNally Dancer
“Kizaba” – Francos de Montréal et Franco-Fête de Toronto Lionel Kizaba Dancer/Chor.
“Ageless” – Articien at L’Olympia Axelle Munezero Dancer
“35e Gala Domus” – Casino de Montréal Axelle Munezero / APCHQ Dancer
“Royal Family Dance Crew” – L’Olympia Nicolas Bégin/Royal Family/Hit The Floor Dancer

“Open Art Surgery Toronto” Jonzi D & Yvon “Crazy Smooth” Soglo Dancer/Chor.
“The Nut Job Live” – Musical at L’Olympia MonLove/Pierre Boileau/Genevieve Dorion-Coupal Main Puppeteer/Dancer
“Colors” – Théâtre Gésu – Canada Pride Montréal Barbada / Axelle Munezero Dancer
“Closing Show: Manny” – Canada Pride Montréal Ken Antonio / Scott Fordham / Toshiro Kam Dancer
“Boxemania” – Boxing Gala at Bell Centre GYM (Groupe Yvon Michel) Dancer

“For My Sisters” Kate “B-girl Lynx” Alsterlund Dancer
“FTA Total Space Party” Axelle Munezero & Sasha Kleinplatz Dancer
“DNA Decoded” Gadfly – Apolonia Velasquez & Ofilio Sinbadinho Dancer
“Falla” at Tohu & “Northern Lights Festival Boréal” AfriKeleKtro Dancer/Chor.

“Sweet & Heat” Subway TV Commercial (2019) Mélanie Charbonneau / Cinélande Dancer
“Terra Mia” – TV Sitcom Pilot (2018) Roberto Zorfini / Alessio Scognamiglio Dancer
“Jazz Broadway” – Promotional Video (2018) Les Studios Grands Ballets / Chantal Dauphinais Dancer
“Super Singh” Movie (2017) Anurag Singh / BRAT Films Dancer
“Perfect Day” – Serena Ryder Music Video (2017) Romeo & Fils / MonLove Dancer
“Hop the Fence” – Blood and Glass Music Video (2017) Kaveh Nabatian / Axelle Munezero Dancer
“Ya it’s Mona Ya” – Mona Music Video (2017) Kristian Dalisay Dancer
“Play Theme Song” Vrak TV Promo Video (2017) Jessica Lallito Dancer
“Stay and Play” – East of Sunday Music Video (2016) East of Sunday Dancer

DANCE TRAINING – Workshops and Intensives
2019 Akram Khan Intensive & Andrea Pena Creation
Danse à la Carte (Montréal, one week April 2019)
2019 Musical Theatre Triple Threat Classes
Emilie Josset, Connie Rotella (Montréal, 2018-2019)
2019 Asymmetry Waacking One Week Intensives
Axelle Munezero (Montréal, 2018-2019)
2018 BIG BANG Contemporary Training Program
Stephanie Decourteille (Montreal, Sept – Dec 2018)
2018 Jazz Workshop with Chantal Dauphinais
(Montréal, April & December 2018)
2018 Aybrid Dance Two Week Intensive
Gadfly Dance Company (Toronto, August 2018)
2018 Le Programme
Andy Michel (Montréal, 2017-2018)
2017 Open Art Surgery One Week Workshop
Breakin’ Convention (Toronto, March 2017)
2016 Aybrid Dance One Week Intensive
Gadfly Dance Company (Toronto, August 2016)
2016 Performance & Choreography Master Classes
Mel Charlot (Montréal, all year 2016)
2014 Motivating Excellence Intensive One Week
Rhapsody James (Montréal, 2014)

Other Training
Axelle Munezero (2018-2019), Danse Mode Action (2017-2018), Tripoli Studios (2016-2017), Urban Element Zone (2016-2017), Intelligent Movement (2016), Urban Groove Member (2011-2015), Studio de Danse Montréal Paris (2012-2013), Dance Factory Mississauga (2009-2011)