Gabrielle Bouchard

Gabrielle has been dancing since the age of three. She started competing at the age of seven. She has won several awards, many judges’ favorites, titles, invitations to national competitions as well as scholarships to dance United States and Europe (Paris and Lisbon).

Gabrielle has also participated in conventions such as Jump (Toronto), Nuvo (Boston) and I Dance (Montreal). She has won scholarships in 2017, 2018 and 2019 to dance in Paris, Barcelona and Lisbon. She participated in Paris dance tour 2017 (7 days of dance in Paris). In 2018, she also danced at New York’s Broadway Dance Center.

Size: 5.2
Brown hair
Blue eyes
UDA: N./A.

Specialties: Soloist, Ballet, Contemporary, Modern, Gymnastics


Awards & nominations

First place at the Represent Competition and judges’ favorite, Solo: The last dance
Top score / 2nd place at the Competition Represent / Judges favorite, Solo: Lie
Bursary Be discovered to dance in Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas or Florida
First place at the Represent Competition, Solo: In the air
First place at the Candance Montreal Competition, Solo: In the air

Soloist Award (prize for the most photogenic dancer) – Solo: The last dance
Tenth place top 10 at Candance Montreal, Solo: The last dance
Hit of the day (Competition HIT THE FLOOR 2018 Quebec)

Solo Judge Choice Award: Running with the wolves
High score Award 3 Solo Running with the wolves
Invitation to Candance Nationals in Niagara Falls
Hit of the day (Competition HIT THE FLOOR 2017 Quebec)

3 Rd runner up Miss Candance Junior Montreal, Solo: Sound of silence
Invitation to Candance Nationals in Florida, Solo: Sound of silence

3 Rd High Score Award, Solo: Party girl