At age 5, Jessica began her training in ballet jazz at the Hugo de Pot School. She continues training in hip hop with Pax and during her teenage years, she spent nearly 4 years in a troupe of Urban Element (Zync) with Angelo Ameur and participates in several events, shows, videoclips and competitions.

To complete her training, she decided to enroll in Charles-Lemoyne College in dance concentration. Passionate about always wanting to learn more, she decided to join the troupe of the school and then take extracurricular classes in ballet and pointe.

For 2 years, Jessica devoted herself to her health studies and then fell in love with Cuban salsa during a stay at Cuba. Upon her return, she took private lessons with the Cuban couple, Leangel Chavez and Marie-Chantale Marion. She then worked for the Cuban band The Cuban Martinez Show as a dancer and later decided to explore salsa with Jazz Sandoval for 1 year of private training.

Currently Jessica specializes in heels where she feels she has found her balance. She is part of a troupe of heels that participates in several shows. They make marriage contracts, various events where they present their work, assist the singers during their performance and participate in several video clips including her last where she is second dancer in the music video of Loud -all women know how to dance that reaches the 3 million views!

Height: 5,4
Hair: Blonds
Eyes: Brown
Nationality: Canadian

Dance Styles:  Classical Ballet, Ballet Jazz, Contemporary, Hip-hip, Mambo, Modern, Modern-Jazz, Cuban Salsa, Latin Dances

Specialties: High-Heels, Cuban Salsa, Ballet, Contemporary, Commercial

Crew:  Member of the Elevate Crew