Kevin Qian

Kevin Yuanjie Qian also known as “ K-ching“ artist started dancing when he was still in high school in 2010. He was looking for a more physical way to express his emerging artistic impulses. He came from a small town in the suburbs of the Montreal metropolitan area. The dance studios around him did not offer the knowledge he was looking for. So, he moved every day in Montreal in order to perfect his art despite the long distance to cross. He had first started with several styles: Hip Hop, Popping and Bboying. Eventually, he found the “Bboying” suited him more because of the more dynamic nature of the dance. He fell in love with the Hip Hop culture and practiced tirelessly. Then, he began to participate in all possible urban dance competitions. During the international competition, Bust A Move, his performance was noticed by Bboy Afternoon who invited him to join Deadly Venoms crew. He is nicknamed “Kching” because during a party, he forgot to empty his pockets and when he began to dance all the money that his pockets contained fell on the floor. We recognize the style of “ Kching“ by its very intense and sometimes even crazy character.
K-ching describes his experience in Bboying as the lighthouse that guided his way through the storm of his adolescence. He felt alienated by his entourage which included a poor cultural diversity. Since then, he has traveled with the goal of performing and competing in several cities in North America including: Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto, Saint-Sauveur, New York and more in the future. In addition, he met extraordinary people who came to enrich his experience of Kulture Hip Hop. Bboying allowed Yuanjie to become a citizen of the world and to grow on a personal level.

Grandeur: 5,5
Cheveux: Noirs
Yeux: Bruns
Nationalité: Chinois, Canadien

Styles de danse:  Hip-Hop, Popping, B-boying

Specialités: Toprock, Footwork, Freeze, Tricks et Power



Finalist La Nuit Blanche Disstorsion, Montreal 2017
UDEF Silverback Open, Philadelphia 2017
Top 8 L’Olympe, Montreal 2016
Winner of ‘’Oser Danser’’, Montreal July 2014
Semi-Finalist at ‘’House of Paint’’, Ottawa Sept 2014
Top 16 at “Festival Bust a Move’’, Montreal May 2014
Semi-Finalist at ‘’Up Yours Underpressure’’, Montreal June 2013
Top 16 at ‘’Break U’’, New York Mar 2013 2017
Quarter Final at “Kiff your Style”, Nov 2013 Montreal
Semi-Finalist at ‘’Bragging Rites”, Dec 2013 Montreal

International Hip Hop Festival of Trinity
Hartford, CA 2018
Danser Pour Gagner – Birthday rounds of Dead Angles, Montreal 2018
KNLO A La Clair Ensemble – Avenue Videoclip, Montreal 2017
Knite Korean Culture Festival, Montreal 2017
Canada Day Festival, Ottawa 2016
Markham Night Market Festival, Toronto 2016
Opening Performance of Place Shamroc, Montreal 2014
Guest Performance ‘’Deadly Venoms’’ Canadian Dance Factory, Ottawa 2014
Montreal West Fall Festival, Montreal 2014
Let’s Hug it Out, Ottawa 2014
Urban Music Celebration, Montreal 2013
Cegep Lionel-Groulx Opening Day, Montreal Aug 2012
Vanier Medium Show, Montreal Feb 2011

Soul Clap International Bboy Battle 2016-2017 Montreal
Concrete Kulture Hip Hop Jam Montreal 2016
Funk it Up (Vol.1-4) Bboying and All-styles Dance Competition,
April 2013 – Oct 2014 Cegep Lionel-Groulx, Ste-Thérèse
Urban Vibe Art Exhibition, Aug 2014 Hip Hop Café MTL

Krossline Dance Studio, 2018
Shauna Roberts Dance Center, 2017-2018
Oxy-jeune ecole secondaire Jeanne-Mance, 2016-2017
Cegep Lionel-Groulx, 2012-2014
Ballet Jasmin Academy, 2012