Olivier Arseneault

Olivier Arseneault is a graduate in architecture and in the field of dance since 2007. He has distinguished himself in several projects related to jigging and contemporary movement. Since 2009, he has worked with [ZØGMA] on several creations as well as through the movement of contemporary jigging with his debut as a choreographer in 2011. Thanks to his varied training, from folk dance to classical ballet, to tango and capoeira, he brings a resolutely athletic side as well as a particular sensitivity to the work of partner to the percussive dance. Since 2014, Olivier has been involved in promoting jigging through teaching and within the Hunt-Balcony initiative. Jigging also leads to the percussion he has been performing since 2015 through a number of varied projects.

Size: 6 ‘

Brown hair

Eyes pers

UDA: tbc

Dance styles: Traditional and contemporary jig, percussive dance, contemporary, classical ballet

Specialties: Traditional and contemporary jig, contemporary

Other: Percussion




Dear Frederic – Outlast Ft. Husser, Featured


2009 to 2019

ZOGMA, Collective of Urban Folklore, Performer

2010 to 2018

Spells, Dance of the World,

Interpreter and pedagogue in primary school

2015 to 2018

The Hunt-Balcony, Cultural Mediation,

Traditional Quebec Dance, performer Sound Disagreement, Choreography by Benjamin Hatcher, Contemporary Dance, Gigue Québécoise Interpreter


Les Châteaux de Sable, Choreography by Mélisandre Tremblay-Bourassa, Contemporary Dance,

Performer DIRT, Choreography by Catherine Lafleur, Contemporary Dance, Performer


Wreck, Solo, percussive contemporary dance, 6th Biennale of Contemporary Gigue and 11th Edition of Danse Quarters


(IM) PULSION, trio of acrobatic jig, 5th Biennale of Contemporary Gigue

2010 to 2012

I remember, Arab World Festival, Actor Air de Tango, Argentine

Tango School, Teacher, since 2008