Rani-Gabrielle Dubé-Paré

Rani Dubé has accumulated experience in different styles including ladystyling heels, commercial videostyle, hip­hop, jazz ballet, lyrical jazz and contemporary, as well as being a professional Cheerleader for the Montreal Alouettes (CFL). After nearly 8 years of competition in various styles she decided to pursue in the professional dance industry and teaching for several years. She specializes in ladystyling heels and is part of the ELEVATE collective represented by Move in addition to teaching this style since 2016.
She participates as a dancer in numerous showcases, videosclips and corporate promotional events. In particular, she was seen as a dancer for the opening of the Grey Cup (CFL), for Samantha Fox, for the Daddy Yankee show, Latins Canadian Awards, the World Gymnastics Championships, The Famous Live Band, RDS Paillé automotive advertising, Sync Production, Global Events, Global Morning News, Pride Montreal, Hotel W, Dance in the Streets movie launc etc. As well as for several artists including Fouki, Lou Phelps, La famille Ouellette, Carli, Dragqueens Manny Cortez and Tynomi Banks, Walex Cotete, Angee Wings, Missy BK, Landy Garcia and many others.
Finally, she is a choreographer for the animated feature film Fireheart (Main Journey Productions), the Club La Voûte, for the opening of Dead Obies the show (dancer coordination), for weddings, many music videos and shows by Montreal artists in addition to producing / conceptualizing / choreographing several dance concept videos.
It is an honor for her to be able to share her passion through Heels workshops in a dozen dance schools in the metropolitan area through the years. She is currently teaching for the Heels International Army Of Sass ­ Montreal Division at Tripoli Studios Inc.
Entertainment. Versatility. Professionalism.

Height: 5,5
Hair: Red
Eyes: Green

Dance Styes: Commercial, Hi-heels, Street Jazz, Cheerleading, Hip-Hop, Contemporary.
Specialties: Commercial, Hi-heels, Street Jazz, Cheerleading

Crew: Member of the Elevate Crew in Montreal
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/rani_gd/?hl=fr-ca


Fouki – Wono Videoclip ­ 7ieme Ciel Records, Dancer, 2019
La famille Ouellette ­ Satin videoclip – Morrison Films, Dancer, 2018
Walexe Cotete – ‘Alerta’ Vidéoclip, Dancer 2018
Say What ­ Angee Wings, Dancer & Choreographer, Montreal 2018
Born to do this, Angee Wings, Dancer & Choreographer, 2018
Rebelle ­ Angee Wings, Choreographer, Montreal 2018
Producer Angesh Major : Videoclip ‘Overdose’, 2018
Missy BK : Videoclip ‘Magnatized’, 2018
December – Ariana Grande (Dance video) Choreographer & Dancer, 2018
Coco Chanel – Nicki Minaj (Dance video), Choreographer & Dancer, 2018
Lou Phelps ­’What Time Is It, Romeo & Fils production 2017
Unravel Me, Sabrina Claudio (Dance Video), Choreographer & Dancer, 2017
Landy Garcia ­’Impulsio’ Videoclip, Dancer, 2017
Première fois ­ Angee Wings, Choreographer, Montreal, 2017
Une autre journée, Angee Wings, Choreographer, Montreal,2017
Come on and bite it ­ Angee Wings, Dancer, Montreal 2015

Paillé automobile RDS ­ TV Advertising ­ Tapage Agency (Acting), 2018
Fighter Supreme (Place Bell) – Groupe Yvon Michel, Dancer, 2018
Global Event – Dancer, 2018
Club La Voûte, Dancer & Choregraphe – 2018
Toronto Babes Squad – CC Lounge, Toronto, 2018
DEADOBIES end of tour show (M TELUS), Dancers coordinator, 2017
Global Morning News – TV show, Dancer , Montreal, 2017
Hotel W, Dancer, 2017
Global Morning News – TV show, Dancer, 2017
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1I8OyheiydfvBg6OtpILkJfhIKG10QMYM3KXmTJP9Dm4/edit?ts=5c8c1b47 2/3
16/03/2019 BIO_RANI_MOVE – Google Docs
Collection Launch ­ Sokoloff LINGERIE, Dancer/Model, 2016

Reprezent Showcase (Jesse Matteau piece), Dancer, 2019
Club Bayou ­ showcase for Artist Carli, Dancer 2019
Club Balattou – showcase for Artist Angee Wing, Dancer 2019
Opening of Canadian Grey Cup ­ CFL, Dancer, Edmonton, 2018
Samantha Fox,Dancer, Pride Montreal, 2018
Tynomi Banks for ‘Legs All Star’ Rupaul Drag Race Naomi Small event, Dancer,

Manny (House of Many) for ‘Asia All Star’ Rupaul Drag Race Kimi Chi event, Dancer,
Professional Cheerleader @ Montreal Alouettes Football team –CFL, 2018­2019
Famous Live Band, Dancer, 2017­2018
Hit The Floor Showcase (Sarah Steben piece), Dancer, 2018
Copacabana, showcase for Artist Carli, Dancer, 2018
Daddy Yankee Concert, Dancer, 2017
World Gymnastics Championship ­ Olympic Stadium, Dancer, 2017
Premium Latin Canadian Award, Opening number & Dancer for 4 artists, 2017
Fiesta Olympica – Olympic Stadium, 2017
Walex Cotete concert, Dancer & Choreographer, Montreal 2017
Angee Wing ­ Album launch, Dancer, 2017
Just for Laughs festival, Dancer, 2016
Movie Premiere‘Step up 4’, Dancer, 2012
Movie Premiere‘Step up 5’, Dancer, 2014

Tripoli Studios (Montréal)
Studio Montréal­Paris (Longueuil)
Scream Danse Academy (Montréal)
Amotion Danse (Montréal)
L’ADC des Arts (Terrebonne)
École Dimension Danse (Tremblant)
Studio KF (St­Julie)
Studio Danse C (Longueuil) –Heels et Street Jazz
Bachelorette & weedings