Stacey Désilier

When she graduated from school, Stacey became involved in contemporary dance. She works with Hélène Simard in her play Twenty one Angus Young, presented in several theaters and Festivals in Montreal. With a project to practice contemporary dance and performance abroad to acquire a range of knowledge and physical abilities that will push her beyond her limits, Stacey works for Cirque Éloize and honed her hand techniques to hand in the Middle East. Through this experience, she remains undeniably inspired and propelled to projects of this scale. What directs her to Haiti to meet her culture through dance. Her artistic practice and cooperative work gives her an inner richness that she wants to share with various organizations, countries and artists. With a huge baggage in urban dance, Stacey is recognized in the world of Hip Hop dance. She is involved in the creation projects of Saxon Fraser and Victoria Mackenzie (Fly 2016), which profiles her talents in urban dance. It is in 2015 that she deploys her personality on stage by working with Isabelle Boulanger’s company, La Grande Slot in the piece Sans Lactose. Recognized as a versatile performer, Stacey stands out for her acrobatic skills, unique style and vibrant personality.

Size: 1m73
Brown hair
Brown eyes

Dance styles: Contemporary, Street Dance, Hip-Hop
Specialties: Contemporary, Street Dance, Hip-Hop
Other: Basket Ball, Juggling, Hand-to-hand, Trampoline Base


Browns shoes
Force Majeure

Repetiteur / Collège Charles Lemoyne

The circus princess, The 7doigts of the hand

Moment Factory by Shay Kubbler / The Fine Line
IBIZA dance video
INCENSED, choreography and performance, short dance movie 7min. Dir. Elisabeth Desbiens

Idiot, Choreography by Helen Simard, Lachapelle Theater, Centaur Theater
Reccurent Measures, Choreographer George Stamos, Agora of Dance 2018

Starmania, Opéra de Québec / written by Luc Plamondon, choreographer Stéphane Boko

N’ap Danced, Show at the Fifth Stage of the Place des Arts, Choreographer Alix Dufresne.
Lactose Free, Festival Neighborhoods Danses / Isabelle Boulanger, La Grande Fente Company

The Ebb, Artwork by Sasha Kleinplatz

The Circus, Icon and Snow White
Directory of Manon Oligny
Adaptation by Anne Lebeau
Major role (Rabbit)

Montreal Contemporary Dance School (2011-2014)