Stéphanie Archambault

Actor by training, Stéphanie Archambault has been playing since childhood. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts (Gaming) from the Theater School of UQAM (2001-2005) and a Diploma of College Studies in Arts and Literature (Theater) at Cégep Marie-Victorin (1999-2001) . Through her training, she did, among other things, an internship at the Théâtre à la Carte in Paris (2001), she played at the Opéra de Montréal (2001), she performed in creations Yvon Bilodeau (2004) ) and Claude Poissant (2005) and explored various forms of theatrical expression, notably with Martine Baulne, Larry Tremblay, Robert Drouin and Pascal Belleau (2001-2005). While pursuing other training in communication and teaching, she explored the fields of animation, television, cinema and modeling. Whether in one or another of these areas, she stands out for her creativity, flexibility and sense of play.

UDA: 209 961 (stagiaire)
Height: 5,6 (1,68m)
Hair: Hazel
Eyes: Blue
Nationality: Canadienne

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2018 Bain magique, Cliente, Conductor Productions
2018 Nathalie, Educ’Alcool (Agence Toast)
2018 Stéphanie, Mobilité Montréal (Agence Consulat)
2016 Femme enceinte, Belle comme la vie (Thyme Maternity)
2014 Cliente, Projet P&G, Jean Coutu/Clin d’Oeil (TVA)
2014 Mannequin, Salles de jeux, Loto-Québec (ALT-6)
2013 Conductrice de Suzuki, Suzuki SX4 (SpeedMedia)
2013 Mannequin, Kamik Boots (Jean-François Bérubé)
2012 McDonald’s, Cheerleader, TBWA/PARIS
2012 Mannequin, So Nice Soy Milk (Dominique Malaterre)
2012 Mannequin, Hawaï 5.0, Série + (Alain Desjean)
2011 Infirmière, OIIQ (Défi Communication Marketing)
2011 Invitée, Tostitos (EM L’agence Inc.) PUBLICITÉ

2017 3e rôle, Lola & Claire, réal. E. Desbiens
2015 Elsa, Lady Barbière (Collège O’Sullivan) CINÉMA


2008 Animatrice, Laval en Bref, TVRL (Vox Laval)

2005 Caroline, Passer la nuit (Claude Poissant)

2005 BAC en Jeu (7736), UQAM Théâtre
2001 D.E.C. Arts et Lettres, Théâtre (500.17-4), Cégep Marie-Victorin