Vicky Mérette

Initiated in the performing arts with 5 years of popular singing, Vicky trained in jazz dance, classical ballet, modern, hip hop and cabaret. She completed the interpretive program of the Montreal School of Contemporary Dance in 2014. Inspired by the great French cabarets, she flew to Europe to specialize in Paris, London and across Germany. Upon her return to America, she moved to Las Vegas to meet the artistic community before returning to Montreal in 2016. Versatile, she danced in the business event sector with Manina productions, video and multimedia with Moment Factory and Silent Partners Studio in addition to the various projects available to her at the Just for Laughs and Fashion and Design festivals. She collaborates with renowned photographers such as Jordan Matters and Melika Dez, teaches fitness classes in several gyms in Montreal and participates in the judging panel for the Reprezent competition through prima dance events. Performance fascinates her, movement is her way of life and the scene is her favorite place.

Height: 174 cm
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
UDA: Stagiaire

Spécialité: Contemporain, Jazz, Cabaret, Commercial

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Ma voiture volante | Claude Bégin | Coyote Records/CUZ | Danseuse 2016
The death and life of John F. Donovan | Xavier Dolan | Figuration danse 2013
Fancy Ghetto | Alexandre Désilets | Danseuse

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The Shinsegae department store | Davai + Moment Factory | Danseuse
Katy Perry Witness: The tour | Silent partner studio | Mouvement

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Bar Mitzvah | Danseuse

Manina productions | Aston Martin/Bentley | Fashion Ballerina
Le bureau Tapas Bar NYE | Burlesque | Danseuse
Manina productions | St-Mary’s Hospital Bal | Danseuse
KIK | Fondation IRCM | Danseuse + projections

Festival juste pour rire | Bal en noir et blanc | Danseuse By-Dzign | Benefit cosmetic (Las Vegas) | Danseuse Rubishow | Événement (Paris) | Danseuse

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Eccemundo | Passionara

Club med Punta Cana | Fitness instructor/GO
Lolë | Ambassadrice
Reprezent Montréal/Québec | Juge
Gym du plateau/ B.cycle/ Gym St-Henri | Fitness instructor